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Richard Cooper  Collection

Frith Sculpture

Highland Cows
Veronica Ballan

Highland Cow Grazing VB077 by Veronica Ballan

Highland Cow Standing - Junior VB076 by Veronica Ballan

Highland Cow Standing small VB075 by Veronica Ballan

Harriet Dunn

Herbert the Hippo HD109 by Harriet Dunn

Binkie - small Dachshund HD110 by Harriet Dunn

Murphy - Terrier HD111 by Harriet Dunn

Keith Sherwin

Fox Sitting 976 by Keith Sherwin

Fox Sitting

Linda Fowler

Dudley - Basset Hound HD108 by Harriet Dunn

Smudge - Horse looking round LF002 by Linda Fowler

Tara - Horse Scratching LF004 by Linda Fowler








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NEW EDGE SCULPTURES - Elephant Bust, Panther Bust, Heraldic Dragon, Baby Orangutan and Japanese Hannya Mask Gold EDGE Sculpture Gallery

NEW: just released - 4 new Stag bronzes by Michael Simpson  more...

Hind and Fawn 986 by Michael Simpson

Stag Roaring 989 by Michael Simpson

Highland Falls 990 by Michael Simpson

Highland Stag 988 by Michael Simpson

NEW: Spectacular ‘Burnish’ range of finishes from EDGE by Matt Buckley  more...

Green Man - Burnish EDBS16 by Matt Buckley Edge

T-Rex Burnish EDBS15 by Matt Buckley Edge

Venetian Carnival Mask Burnish EDBMS02 by Matt Buckley Edge

Venus Bust - Burnish EDBS03 by Matt Buckley Edge Sculpture

NEW: Nature Trail foundry cast bronzes by
Keith Sherwin         

Parasol Mushroom 968 by Keith Sherwin

Pea Pod 966 by Keith Sherwin

Sycamore 967 by Keith Sherwin

Wild Strawberries 965 by Keith Sherwin

NEW Keith Sherwin: Beautiful bronze bird sculptures in wooden presentation boxes  more..

Hummingbird 971 by Keith Sherwin

Kingfisher 969 by Keith Sherwin

Lovebirds 970 by Keith Sherwin

Lovebirds 970 by Keith Sherwin

NEW: foundry cast bronzes by Michael Simpson

Roar of the Highlands 993 by Michael Simpson

End of the Day 787 by Michael Simpson

Freedom 1024 by Michael Simpson

Elegance 987 by Michael Simpson

Where the River Runs 995 by Michael Simpson

Apple Blossom 1022 by Michael Simpsom

To the Winner the Spoils 991 by Michael Simpson

Waters Edge 997 by Michael Simpson

NEW releases from Paul Jenkins   more...

Daisy S199 by Paul Jenkins

Rosie S198 by Paul Jenkins

Poppy S200 by Paul Jenkins

Ellie - Sitting cat S196 by Paul Jenkins

NEW: nickel plated cold cast sculptures by Michael Simpson. UPDATE 5 more added  more..

Elephant 301NP by Michael Simpson

Gorilla 302NP by Michael Simpson

Large Horse 310NP by Michael Simpson

Tawny Owl 308NP by Michael Simpson

NEW Range - Nomi from Sophie Mackrell, hallmarked sterling silver miniatures inspired by origami  more...

Cat Stretching Nomi 4005s

Frog Nomi 4006s

Robin Nomi 4010s

Stag Nomi 4002s

STEAMPUNK - NEW RANGE of sculptures inspired by the science fiction genre of Victorian futurism

Leviathan's Escape 1998f6 steampunk

Steam Powered Observation Skull d1174d5 steampunk

Time Machine d2953h7 steampunk

Sub Piranha c1999f6 steampunk

NEW: hand painted cold cast bronzes by Michael Simpson  UPDATE: 6 new sculptures  more...

Mice with Rosehips 232BR by Michael Simpson

Mouse on Ball of Twine 238BR by Michael Simpson

Mouse with Old Pennies 234BR by Michael Simpson

Mouse with Monkey Nuts 236BR by Michael Simpson

RECENT RELEASES from EDGE by Matt Buckley  more...

Bull Terrier - Tricolour ED23T by Matt Buckley Edge

Venetian Carnival Mask Red EDM02T by Matt Buckley Edge

T-Rex Bronze LE EDB15F by Matt Buckley Edge

Venetian Carnival Mask Teal EDM02T by Matt Buckley Edge

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NEW by
Adrian Tinsley

Barney Cockapoo playing AT038 by Adrian Tinsley

Barney Cockapoo

Koko - Labradoodle lying AT039 by Adrian Tinsley

Koko Labradoodle

Lucy - Cockapoo sitting AT036 by Adrian Tinsley

Lucy - Cockapoo

Thomas Meadows

Blue Tit - perching TM055 by Thomas Meadows

Spike - Hedgehog resting by Thomas Meadows

Squeak - Junior Hedgehog TM049 by Thomas Meadows

Titus Hare TM039 by Thomas Meadows

Olga - Otter lying and playing TM052 by Thomas Meadows

Olaf - Otter playing upright TM051 by Thomas Meadows

Grant Palmer

Dennis - Dachshund 202BR by Grant Palmer

Hoops - Hare Running 215BR by Grant Palmer

Clover - Cat Sitting 213BR by Grant Palmer

Jax - Jack Russell 209BR by Grant Palmer

Duke - Great Dane 201BR by Grant Palmer


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